About Me - JosportRD

Josport (Joseph Gómez).

I'm 22 years old, Native of the Dominican Republic, graduated in Graphic Design in 2015 and began taking sports photography 4 years ago. I am currently studying photography at fashion institute of technology.

Why Sport Photography?

Simple, I love photography and sport, my dad is soccer coach and thanks to him I was raised on a athletic environment all my childhood through high school. I like to get the best possible photos of action and passion, emotions of a sport because I know what it feels like to be inside the field and feel the adrenaline and my way of expressing my love for sports is through photographs.

Follow me on my Social Media: Instagram / Facebook (JosportRD). Take a time to enjoy some galleries, If you or a relative of yours appears in the galleries, remember that you can order the photos, such as prints, digital files and keepsakes. Don't hesistate to contact me if you want to book your games, leagues, tournaments and more! 

Joseph Gomez  /  New York, NY  /  347 319 9660  / JosportRD@outlook.com

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